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Augmented Reality AR Based Home page

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows computer-generated virtual imagery information to be overlaid onto a live direct or indirect real-world environment in real time.

In AR the environment is real but extended with information and imagery from the system. In other words, AR bridges the gap between real and virtual in a seamless way.

Here is the latest information found featuring Augmented Reality in education and the workplace. Augmented Reality AR Based Home page

Why use AR in your business or educational organization?

Applying information at the right time and the right place is needed to maintain efficiency in both school and business settings. AR is one technology that dramatically shifts the location and timing of education and training. Kangdon Lee – University of Northern Colorado

Five Top Augmented Reality Tech for 2018 post.

Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions – our research found many weak areas not covered in the scope of higher education and the workplace.

Five Top Augmented Reality Tech for 2018

Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions