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Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions

Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions

This page features a summary of numerous themes as well sub-points found during this research. However, not every theme or sub-point has a sufficient number of research articles at this time. Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions

Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions
Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions PIxabay Image

Below are enhanced learning, engagement, communication, combining worlds and student-centered technology. You are reading Augmented Reality Pedagogical Contributions.

Pedagogical Contributions

AR enhanced enjoyment, engagement, reduced boredom and more entertaining than a traditional lesson Fernandez, M. (2017)

Furthermore, researchers found AR-based games were attributed made ‘learning more fun’ Kim and Dey, (2016)

Five of these subpoints had little research documented in the database.

The Potential of Instructional Technology A review

Enhancing Learning enjoyment

One research found AR increased ‘learning interest’ evidenced by students behavior changed by concentrating more fully on the subject using AR in a study.

Fernandez, M. (2017)

Engagement through collaboration and multisensory learning

Increased engagement using mobile AR was claimed by authors who found students used it for collaborative learning in a hybrid environment (combined digital and physical objects) Turkan, Radkowski, Karabulut-Ilgu, Behzadan, and Chen, (2017).

Another research offered multisensory AR system which utilized ‘vision, hearing, speech, and whole body movement’. However, this was only reported in one article in 2015.

Communication between student and lecturer, promotes self-learning, Reduced Boredom

This method was reported by students in the surveys claimed reduced boredom when using AR over a traditional class lesson. However, these were less investigated by 2009 according to the authors.

Combines the physical and virtual worlds, learn by doing, and confidence

There was little research material found by 2016 regarding student confidence. More research required or to be found in this round of literature review.

Student-centered technology, entertainment, and learners receive information fast

Only one article by 2016 was found. More research required.

Augmented Reality for Capstone Multimedia Abstract

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