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Augmented Reality Surgery US Practice

Augmented Reality Surgery US Practice

Augmented Reality Surgery US Practice video

The short 5-minute news clip features a three-way conversation about the use of Augmented Reality Surgery US Practice.

Featured in the live radio interview hosted by Marc Fennel video spine neurosurgeons in the US have used augmented reality to perform surgery.

The host asks his two guests, Rae Johnston and Jonno Seidler first about the popularity of AR.

Furthermore, they all seek out to explain what are the limitations of the use of AR.

Do the guests help answer the questions for the audience or you?

Some of the responses include costs, latency, human behavioral issues such as a willingness by surgeons to adopt the technology are mentioned.

Further limitations include specialty fields of use and more.

Benefits include life-saving technology for patients and tools for surgeons to adopt.

In conclusion, the interview hits the highlights the use of AR in surgery.

The film credits include Johns Hopkins and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Spine neurosurgeons in the US have used augmented reality to perform surgery.

It’s a little bit like virtual reality, except the headset-wearing surgeons were able to see the real world they were working in as well as projected digital images of the patient’s internal anatomy.

Is this liable to become more popular?

What are its limitations?

Marc Fennell asks Rae Johnston, co-host of Queens of the Drone Age podcast & Jonno Seidler, Creative Lead at Unyoked.

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Rae Johnston is a multi-award-winning journalist with a focus on the geekier side of life.. The first Science & Technology Editor for NITV at SBS, her work appears across television, radio, podcasts and online.Rae is also the producer and host of top-rated podcasts Queens of the Drone Age, Hear+Beyond and Take It Blak. Previously, Rae was the first female editor of Gizmodo Australia, and the …
Jonno Seidler Creative Lead at Unyoked Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 500+ connections. Join to Connect Unyoked. University of Sydney. Report this profile About Jonno is a cross-platform creative director with extensive production, PR and journalism credentials, specialising in earned media concepts. ..

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