Five Top Augmented Reality Tech for 2018

Augmented Reality AR in Higher Education

Five Top Augmented Reality Tech for 2018

Here is an eight-minute video presentation from TechnoNerd via Youtube featuring Five Top Augmented Reality Tech for 2018 Video.

Some of the technology requires the use of glasses for the user, while other devices such as smartphones and tablets are gaining inroads into use.

What are your business plans for 2019? Consider including AR in what you need to achieve.

Interest in augmented reality (AR) is exploding as innovators explore the business relevance and roles AR can play in workforce enablement, customer experience and interaction.

This emerging technology holds tremendous promise for changing the way businesses operate.

Tell us in the comments below, which one do you thinks is the best?



#5 WayRay-

#4 Hololens-

#3 Worksense-

#2 Vuzix Blade-…

#1 Magic Leap One-

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