School Principal Candidates Using AR

School Principal Candidates Using AR


School Principal Candidates Using AR


The following is a review of article research from various peer-reviewed journal databases (2015-2018), as a source for carrying out high-quality research articles with substantive literature reviews. Adult Learning – School Principal Candidates Using AR.

School Principal Candidates Using AR

School Principal Candidates Using AR

School law, when appropriately leveraged, is a powerful fulcrum for supporting school improvement (Davis, Darling-Hammond, LaPointe & Meyerson, 2005); however, practitioners
and scholars alike suggest that principals are not adequately prepared in this realm (e.g., Gary, 2015). Scholars posit the use of technologies, such as immersive simulation, could serve as powerful pedagogical tools to meet chronic gaps in preparation (Johnson, Smith, Willis, Levine, & Haywood, 2011). This multiple-methods study aimed to improve practice through the use of augmented reality. Results reinforced the literature that immersive simulation is an effective tool for adult learning, perhaps more so than traditional learning opportunities.

AR is a stimulating new experience in classrooms at the same time creating problems which call for attention. One study by Gilbert (2017) conducted a quasi-experimental design survey method with candidate school principals in the southeastern United States.

Furthermore, the survey comprised AR-based emerging technologies which developed immersive simulation and use as a pedagogical tool for adult learners. The author found stakeholders, not prepared for this realm (Gilbert, 2017).

The simulation aided the student principals during their study efforts. Gilbert (2017) highlighted training effective principals in strong legal literacy and AR a development tool in an educational setting. This analysis lacked power, n = 43 in the survey, and conducted in one location (Gilbert, 2017).

The conclusion drawn from this report shows the low powered sampling, a single trial run, one location and value to the literature gap. The forthcoming questions include exploring pedagogical practices and teaching the law using the framework.

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Gilbert, K. A. (2017). Innovative leadership preparation: Enhancing legal literacy to create 21st century ready principals. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 21(1), 1-17.


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