Firefighters use Augmented Reality in CA

Firefighters use Augmented Reality in California

Firefighters use Augmented Reality in CA

Here is a news article featuring AR in connection with contextual mapping. The Firefighters use Augmented Reality in CA battle.

CEO and co-founder Adam Kaplan, EdgyBees, provides a contextual mapping to distributed teams to manage blazes.

Firefighters use Augmented Reality in CA

Firefighters use Augmented Reality in CA



“The unique nature of fighting fires necessitates the use of knowing the precise locations of teams, equipment, and potential hazards,” he told me. “EdgyBees augments live video feeds with geo-information layers, including maps, building layouts, points of interest, user-generated markers, and more data layers that provide visual context and operational intelligence.”

According to Kaplan, the technology can be conceptualized by imagining a sports broadcaster chalking up a play on the screen. EdgyBees permits the relay of information like that between parties, effectively acting as a two-way radio for visual information.

Source ZD Net link for full story and video


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